Hi Chef!
What a beautiful job you did with the parcel drop off – you made everyone’s day during these hard pandemic times! I will make sure I thank the sender. Thank you again!
Stephanie; emergency nurse at Foothills Hospital December 2020

food delivery to hospital emergency dept.

So much fun!! Thanks again for the great lessons food and cheer! 🙂
Michell D. in Edmonton – September 2020

Event during covid19


Thank you so much for everything! You were amazing and we so appreciate all that you did for our crazy group. I am so glad we got to meet you. Your compliments about the girls make me proud. Someone noticing that about them and saying so means so much. Have a great time away and we will definitely see you again!
Carmen N. in Canada Feb 2019

family time

My husband and I loved the Napoletana pizza class. We ended up taking home our extra dough, and the kids enjoyed making their own pizzas too!
Chef Marina was very informative and extremely fun. We’ve went ahead and booked the Date Night class and Master Cooking class as well. Can’t wait!
Thanks for a great afternoon!

Allisn A. in Calgary Feb 2019


Recommended in Facebook: making Neapolitan Pizza

very informative, learned lots and had a great afternoon!
Carla C. in Calgary Feb. 2019

Recommended in Facebook

Hi, I was at a party with my friends and chef Marina cooked, taught us to make gnocchi and brought a singer.

We had a wonderful time and I would like to host the same type of event. Thanks very much, Krista N. in Canada on February 2019

referals & new booking

Gracias Chef. You are the Energizer bunny for sure. Love that sense of adventure. xo
Susan Knight York, San Miguel De Allende January 2019

nice visit

thank you Marina!
Friday Night was amazing!
Dan P with MVP Farms: Calgary: Feb. 2019

business dinner

Hi Chef Marina,

Our group had so much fun, thank you again for an amazing event! Our team is already looking at doing some more events in the coming year! We will for sure be in touch again!
Cheers, Krista
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and Area – February 2019

Big Brother/ Big Sister event

Hello Chef M! Last year my mom and I went to a few of your classes in Calgary and I have been following your amazing life on Instagram since, admiring all the places you travel and drooling over all your food creations. 😍
I remember you mentioned you studied cooking in Italy and I would love to get your recommendations before I book my trip in May. If you have any friends that offer cooking classes or restaurants that are life changing, please let me know! I would trust any of your referrals 😊🇮🇹
Thank you!!! Jessie, Calgary january 2019


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