Our Pop-Up Cooking Schools are Open!
Drop-in public classes will start in the fall of 2021 at our Inglewood kitchen.
Currently their is a minimun number of registrans for our cooking classes, please call us and inquire about our schedule (403.667.9811)

We have pop-up locations throughout YYC, Canadian provinces and the rest of the world. Please check your confirmation email for your store/school address.

Ever wondered if your favorite food is made from scratch? Today’s reality would demonstrate that most food is not traditionally prepared but actually preserved for various reasons including cost, time and taste. We are one of the few first pop-up diverse cooking school/classes that focuses on the pleasure of prepping and cooking cuisine in the essence that made the dishes renowned across the world. The Spice Chica Cooking School (TSC) has designed a way to make celebrated homemade recipes a simple and charismatic feature for all who don’t consider themselves chefs or simply for recreational cooks.

TSC is defined by the laughs and memories created by the ambiance of a stress free zone, a time to relax and enjoy the tastes of life. We use the philosophy of the two F’s: Food and Fun, to create a genuine dish by students, all from scratch! The process is simple, and with the combination of a can-do attitude and the step-by-step instructions provided by the specialized staff, the end result will be nothing short of a triumph within the kitchen.  The food prepared will be taken home for immediate consumption or frozen for future indulgence (unless you are booked for a personal chef experience). Our official disclosure about the scene we provide is of an informal setting with various comforting and intimate themes, which include socializing, learning, sharing and purely having fun in a new electrifying experience.


  • Tutor students on the tricks of the “trade”.
  • Offer a proper education on healthy eating.
  • Share our exclusive recipes.
  • Teach you a “hands-on” approach.
  • Encourage students to share their kitchen/cooking stories.
  • Support and guide students to be the best cook/chef they can be.
  • Allow class to document the experience.
  • Invite everyone to come again!

Finally the party is in the kitchen! Treat your friends and family to a private cooking class party designed just for you. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, fundraisers or any event you'd like to make deliciously fun!

We are ready to host your special occasion at our studio, your home or a rental facility. Our hands-on private cooking events are perfect for milestone birthdays and anniversaries, surprise parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, retirement parties, family reunions, school and cause-related fundraisers or any event you'd like to make interactive and delicious. You pick the event format and menu and we handle the rest! There is a minimum of 8 guests for this service.

TSC has been uniting teams through hands-on cooking since 2015. Our hands-on corporate cooking events encourage team building activities, group bonding, and improved communication, and foster camaraderie while whipping up fun in the kitchen! Select from our corporate event formats, ranging from reception-style appetizer parties to Iron Chef-style cooking competitions. Whether you want a casual event or formal dining experience, we'll customize the event to fit your needs.There is a minimum of 10 guests for this service.