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giving-backTSC has been uniting teams through hands-on cooking since 2015. Our hands-on corporate cooking events encourage team building activities, group bonding, improved communication, and foster camaraderie while whipping up fun in the kitchen!

Cooking School

Your Food experience and COVID-19 & The Spice Chica

It is an extremely scary time for the food/restaurant/chef industry at the moment as we fight to keep our beloved favorite food experiences open. We have cooked in over 12 worldwide cities and taught over 5,000 students in the past 5 years and hope to have your support in the future when we re-open.

Please note Chef Marina, The Spice Chica Cooking Schools & Food Experiences has temporarily closed until MAY 30th, at which time I will give you an opportunity to re-schedule. The health and welfare of you, our staff and myself is top priority.
I am so very grateful for all that everyone has given me this year and to have met so many of you, I am still very much in business; finishing my second cooking book, creating recipes and posting on social media. 
PS: WE DO HAVE OUR " Best Empanadas for pick up or delivery (12 large empanadas @3.50 ea)
Keep safe and see you soon!
Chef Marina
Head Chef & Owner
#spicechica @thespicechica


Travel to Argentina with The Spice Chica™ 2022

Prepare yourself to be immersed in a fast paced journey of the heart and senses. Buenos Aires feeds your soul in ways you cannot imagine unless you experience it in real terms. Affectionate, passionate people, Porteños will inspire and fuel your imagination with their creativity and resourcefulness in all aspects of life. Feel like a Porteño; be a Porteño. Under our fully attentive watch, your days will be filled with one real authentic experience after another. 

Travel to Argentina

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