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How to make Empanadas from scratch

Empanadas are pastry shell turnovers made by folding dough over a filling, sealing it, and cooking it, either by baking or frying. Just about ever Latin America & Caribbean island has a recipe for sweet or savoury fillings. In this … Read More

How to make Napoletana Pizza from scratch

Bring your friends…bring some amore…and make pizza from scratch with The Spice Chica! Learn to make classic Naples pizza dough and the famous Margarita style flavour. Ingredients are simple and unique: “00” flour, fresh yeast, salt, olive oil, italian tomatoes … Read More

How to make Sushi from scratch

MAKING SUSHI MAKIMONOS is a fun hands-on sushi-making class. It begins with a presentation about the history of sushi, we quickly move to making your own Nigiri’s and then you make three makimonos (Cucumber, Kanikama, California Roll, seafood medley). Take … Read More

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