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How to make Empanadas from scratch

Empanadas are pastry shell turnovers made by folding dough over a filling, sealing it, and cooking it, either by baking or frying. Just about ever Latin America & Caribbean island has a recipe for sweet or savoury fillings. In this class, you will learn how to make the dough, fill them and close them – all ready for you to take home and bake them in the oven. Depending on size, some students make from 6-12 empanadas. This is a beginner to mid level class.

What To Expect: Great cooking isn’t just about recipes—it’s about techniques and passion.. In our classes you’ll work together with your guest in a fun, hands-on environment led by our professional chef instructors.
Filling: Spinach, ricotta cheese, ham, salami, onions and or mozzarella (pending on availability)
Portion: Quantities for one person.(many times for 2)
Time: Classes are 1.5 hour long, unless otherwise noted . You may work with other students at one table.
Other: You will be standing, sitting and working for most of the class. Please wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes and have long hair tied back
Allergies: TSC recipes are developed using common cooking and baking ingredients that may or may not be specified in the menu titles, including various fruits and vegetables, nuts, meats, spices, wheat flours, etc. If you have a food allergy, please check with us before attending the class. Adjustments to recipes cannot be made during class. Chef line, 403.667.9811
No. of students per class: minimum 8 and max. 24.
Hungry: Healthy snacks & beverages are available for purchase.
Coupons: If you are using a groupon, please note your quantity is per couple. Use the word GROUPON at check out for discount. Remember to register everyone or yourself for each person attending.


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