Wholesaler Information

Become the best Chimichurri Retailer! We are continually introducing new products and offer wonderful monthly promotions. We also have eye-catching Point-of-Sale materials available to help you sell our products. We currently have a $100.00 minimum per order, and we will … Read More


THE STORY behind MELLINO GOURMET SPICES & BLENDSAs a young Argentine girl, Marina Mellino was introduced to the kitchen by her Nonna (grandmother) and was declared as her little assistant. Since the beginning, curiosity filled her mind as she heard clacks and thuds coming … Read More

Refunds/Privacy Policy

Refunds We do not give refunds on classes, gift certificates, items purchased, non-refundable deposits, private chef, catering, food tours, 3rd party deals. On ocassions, head chef may make an exception only once a $200 admin fee is paid. APPROVED Refunds … Read More

Marina’s 3 Fave Spices

What is Oregano?Oregano is an aromatic shrub with branching stems that sprout with greenish-gray leaves and pink or white flowers when mature.  In warm Mediterranean climates, oregano is a perennial while in North America it grows as an annual due … Read More

The Health Benefits of Cooking with Spices

My grandmother and I spent many happy times cooking in her kitchen. I remember she used a few basic herbs and spices; salt, pepper, garlic and oregano. Though I cooked with these spices for many years, I began to experiment … Read More

What is Chimichurri?

What is Chimichurri? Mellino Chimichurri – Good on everything!! Chimichurri is parsley & garlic based sauce originally created to serve on grilled meats. About Chimichurri Chimichurri is a traditional South American Sauce/Marinade which originated from the Argentine Gauchos (Cowboys). Nowadays … Read More

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