BOOK: FIRE! A Beginner Guide to the Argentinian Asado


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Marina’s latest little book on How to prepare an Asado BBQ.

Argentines love to eat and are passionate about their expertise in the kitchen. While Argentina may be most famous for its world-class beef, Argentinian food also incorporates influences from many other distinct cuisines from around the world.  
The Argentina asado is a detailed and lengthy affair. Eating at the asado typically starts between 2:00 – 3:00 pm and guests can remain seated well past 6:00 pm eating several rounds of dishes.  
“An abundance of meat cuts and variety get passed around served with fresh green salads and potatoes. Food is washed down with a never-ending supply of beer and Malbec wines for the adults.Desserts is another long-drawn-out affair, you will enjoy different types of sweets, including variations of the famous dulce de leche. All of this is accompanied by mate, a traditional drink, and coffee.The night may end past midnight with folklore music and sometimes traditional dancers”.

 Argentine born, “cook/cocinera” Marina Mellino shows us many steps to prepare an authentic pampas grill; from the different cuts and ways of roasting the meat to how to start the fire and obtain the ideal color of live coal to achieve the world known flavor of grilled meat. 

Included are delicious recipes for traditional side dishes, such as the world-famous Chimichurri, typical salads, grilled vegetables and empanadas. As well as advice on which wine to choose to enhance the deliciousness of flavors. The simple step-by- step (in English and some Spanish) suggestions by Marina; a.k.a. The Spice Chica will enrich your culinary barbeque knowledge and will turn you into a real beginner Asado Master!