Mango tiramisu is a fruity version of the classic Italian dessert. Layers of ladyfingers, mascarpone mixture and mango slices are finished off with cocoa and some fresh mango slices.
Ingredients (4-6 ppl)
  • 5tsp Coffee (strong): instant, decaf are ok options
  • 7 ounce Ladyfingers (200g, about 20pcs)
  • 2 cups Fresh Mango Pieces
  • 12 ounce Mascarpone Cheese (350g) or cream cheese
  • 9 ounce Sour Cream or whipping cream
  • 4 tbsp Sugar
  • Prepare the coffee. Let it cool completely.
  • Meanwhile: Peel and cut mango in slices. set aside.
  • To make the mascarpone mixture, combine the mascarpone with sour cream (or whipping cream) and vanilla + sugar in a mixing bowl. Mix this until smooth (either by hand or with an electric mixer).
  • Get a loaf tin (or glass cake container) and line it with aluminum foil (see note 3). Pour the coffee into a shallow bowl/plate and quickly dip each ladyfinger in it. Cover the whole bottom of the tin with ladyfingers. Spread over about a third of the mascarpone mixture. Top this with ½ of the mango slices. Repeat the whole process until you used up everything.
  • When done, chill the tiramisu in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Dust the top with cocoa powder right before serving. If you have some fresh mango slices left, use them to garnish the top.
  • This dessert is best served chilled.


  1. I used about 20 ladyfingers to make this dessert. You might need more or less, depending on the size of your container.
  2. Make sure to quickly dip the ladyfingers in the coffee- meaning a split second will do it. The longer they are in the coffee, the soggier they get. We just want a hint of coffee flavor and not soggy sponge fingers before we even assemble the dessert.