The exceptional taste, body, aroma, preparation, and presentation associated with Turkish coffee lend it an exclusive identity that is infused with time-honored tradition. Made with high-quality Arabica beans from Central America and Brazil, the coffee is first blended, then roasted to a medium-light level, and finally ground into an extra-fine grind.


Turkish coffee preparation (one cup):

Pour water into a small Turkish coffee cup called a fincan (about 1.7oz) and dispense it into a small brass cezve, coffee pot.

Add two teaspoons of Turkish coffee. The grinds should be much finer than those of espresso so that they will ultimately sink to the bottom.

Add up to 2 teaspoons of sugar (If desired).

Tip: while making the Turkish coffee, keep the fincan filled with hot water so that it keeps hot. Empty the cup just prior to pouring in the coffee.

On a small flame, stir for about one minute. Then, without stirring, let the coffee come to boil. This should take 3-4 minutes.

Pour the coffee into the fincan in one swift movement so that all the foam is smoothly transferred.

Serve with a small cup of fresh water (as traditionally done in Turkey).

Take a small sip of water to clear the palate and then, once the coffee grinds have sunk to the bottom, little by little, drink the coffee.

Don’t drink the grinds at the bottom. These may be used to tell your future. When you have finished your coffee, turn the cup over.



It forces you to stop and rest. This is simply because you have to sit down first before you can even take a sip. Otherwise it will spill on you due to the tiny cups. Another words it is not the kind of a beverage you just grab and run or drive with!

Teaches patience. You have to cook it slowly for the best results. The process requires about 5-10 minutes of preparation time (depending on the quantity). It can not be rushed, but it is well worth the wait!

Makes you relax. When you are ready to sit down to have your brew, you will generally be pretty calm due to anticipating a period of rest and relaxation in a perfect mind-set to enjoy a delicious cup of foamy coffee, sip by sip!

Encourages conversation. In the Turkish tradition, freshly brewed coffee is typically shared with someone you care about like family, friends, business acquaintances etc. The idea is to sit down together, savoring the flavors and the friendship while you converse!

Turkish coffee is really all about socializing and relaxing. It also makes a fantastic after meal drink (because it is known to help in the digestion process) and is an anti carcinogen! Finally, it is economical, because you don’t need to use as much coffee!