A sauce that is about to change your life with one simple word: chimichurri. If you’ve never had this sauce before, you’re about to be wowed. It’s similar to pesto, but without any cheese or nuts and with a heavier emphasis on acidic vinegar. It’s taste is simple and fresh, and it goes well with…well, just about everything: steak, chicken, pork chops, seafood, vegetables and more.

Plus, it’s fun to say, especially if you lean into rolling those R’s: Chimichurrrrrrrrrrri.

What Is Chimichurri Sauce?

Chimichurri is an uncooked sauce made with finely-chopped herbs, garlic, oil and vinegar. The sauce originates from Argentina and Uruguay, where it is traditionally used to dress grilled meats. It sometimes contains spicy chile peppers or red pepper flakes, and the herbs vary (in other countries)  to include favorites like parsley, cilantro and oregano.

What Does Chimichurri Sauce Taste Like?

If we could only use one word to describe chimichurri sauce, it would be “bright.” The combination of garlic and parsley pack an herbaceous flavor, while the red pepper flakes bring a hint of spice. Add in the oregano spice, pungent flavor and the vinegar’s acidic tang, and that’s chimichurri. It tastes fresh and strong, but the fat in the olive oil brings it all together into a pleasant, cohesive experience.

What Is Chimichurri Sauce Good On?

Chimichurri complements any number of meats and vegetables. Here are some of our favorite ways to use chimichurri sauce:

  • Serve it alongside grilled steak or pork chops, roasted chicken, poached salmon or sauteed shrimp.
  • Drizzle it over grilled vegetable kebabs or oven-roasted vegetables.
  • Use it as a salad dressing for greens or stir it into cooked, cooled grains for an easy grain salad.
  • Toss roasted potatoes with the sauce for a quick-and-easy side dish, or mix it into a potato salad recipe.
  • Swirl a tablespoon or two into mayonnaise to create a sandwich spread.
  • Add it to yogurt or sour cream to create a creamy dipping sauce.
  • Use it to marinate meat, seafood or vegetable dishes.
  • Spoon it over eggs on your favorite breakfast dish.
  • Bake it on bread with grated Parmesan cheese to create the ultimate garlic bread.