Travel to Argentina


Each trip is unique and never repeated exactly again. We take you to leading edge gastronomic and cultural events tailored to you and the dates we are travelling. Only 5-10 people in each group.

Trip Highlights - Departure December 2019 / March 2020: 10 days

  • Signed Copy of Chef Marina's book Cook Like a Latin Lover
  • Cooking classes in the field with Chef Marina & other local Chefs
  • Local and exclusive food centric experiences
  • Cocktail bar visit with expert class by mixologist
  • Seafood Market with Chef Marina & family
  • Artisanal beer bar visit
  • Tour of one of the only still functioning Food Markets
  • Food truck at night with DJ
  • Real asado/parrilla experience
  • Tango milonga/class/event
  • Gaucho lore and traditions
  • Trip to the Delta (Tigre)
  • Antiques, Craft Market
  • Bar Notrables (Historic cafes)
  • Walking tour of Microcentro
  • Street life
  • Coffee scene tour
  • Gourmet chocolate (cigars and chocolate, wine and chocolate, pairing)
  • Buenos Aires Architecture
  • Famous bookstores
  • Famous theatres and night clubs
  • Specialty themed restaurants (try the latest eateries and be in the know of the latest trends)
  • Recoleta Cemetery Tour
  • Public Transportation
  • Authentic local experiences AND MORE!!!
  • Trips start at $2500 US (with accommodation & excluding airfare)

Prepare yourself to be immersed in a fast paced journey of the heart and senses. Buenos Aires feeds your soul in ways you cannot imagine unless you experience it in real terms. Affectionate, passionate people Porteños will inspire and fuel your imagination with their creativity and resourcefulness in all aspects of life. Feel like a Porteño, be a Porteño. Under our fully attentive watch your days will be filled with one real authentic experience after another. Don’t open your wallet! Open your mind! 10 days includes all transportation and accompaniment by a specialized hostess.

CONTACT us for an information session: Chef Marina



Marina Mellino is a professional chef, founder of The Spice Chica, food judge, owner of a cooking school in Calgary, author of How to Cook like a Latin Lover (currently in re-print) and has recently returned from guests appearance in New York, Japan and Mexico where she created a cutting edge contemporary menu using Argentinian flavours and ingredients. Marina's expert knowledge will inform you as to the best techniques and the best suppliers to get the most of your foodie experience in Buenos Aires.